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UnAltroMondo (en)

Who we are

UnAltroMondo onlus
 is an Italian non-profit humanitarian association operating in international development. It promotes initiatives and projects primarily focused on education, health, and quality of life in Africa (Mali and Senegal), cooperating with local organizations in order to create better life conditions. Thanks to a wide network of volunteers and supporters in Italy, UnAltroMondo onlus embraces various activities among which international cooperation and development programmes, recruiting and training of volunteers, awareness-raising campaigns concerning global issues such as the origin of the North-South divide, enviromental challenges, health and socioeconomic problems as well as educational aspects in the countries where it operates. Our association supports human rights compliance and cross cultural integration, peace and nonviolence by taking actively part in organized demonstrations, events, and awareness-raising campaigns.

Our guidelines are those of the New Humanism
1) Placing the human being as the central value
2) Affirming the equality of all human beings.
3) Recognizing personal and cultural diversity,
4) Affirming the freedom of ideas and beliefs
5) Repudiating violence in all its forms (active non-violence)

Our history

UnAltroMondo Onlus was established in 2001 in Milan (Italy) by a small group of people belonging to the Humanist Movement and already volunteering in the social area, who started addressing the problems of poor countries after having got into touch with engaged Malian and Senegalese immigrants. In addition to the original projects set up by the Humanist Organisation in Mali (1998) and Senegal (1999), the new and indipendent association named "UnAltroMondo onlus" started its first activities in Togo in 2003.
All our projects are based on the principles of self-determination and reciprocity. Thanks to the support of numerous local organisations we can count on a network of reliable and skilled partners.
At present UnAltroMondo onlus operates in Italy, Mali and Senegal. 

Besides different forms of international cooperation in favour of developing countries, our association is actively involved in national and international awareness raising and information campaigns, such as the Stop Malaria Action programme. Furthermore, it participates actively in initiatives and events concerning the most important questions of modern society, such as human rights, nonviolence, nuclear weapons, disarmament and drinking water as a common good. 

What we do

UnAltroMondo onlus deals with different forms of international development among which child sponsorship and educational programmes such as kindergardens, primary and professional schools, libraries, alphabetisation of illiterate adults as well as health and environmental interventions and microfinancing.
In order to promote the cross cultural exchange among people of different origins, since 2007 we organise summer camps in Mali and Senegal and offer the opportunity to visit and to get to know our projects in both countries through individual stayings as a volunteer during other times of the year. 

How we work

The main target of our association is to promote and implement humanitarian and solidarity projects in Italy and developing countries in accordance with the claims of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, mainly general and professional education, health and social issues, and to encourage and support the intercultural exchange between people of different origins. 

Our international development programmes in favour of empoverished groups of people in the southern hemisphere are based on the cooperation with local associations and the recruitement and training of native volunteers, by giving life to self-determination processes and promoting the principle of recipocity, thus raising autonomous individuals and multiplying single actions through mutual aid among the involved groups.
Self-determination means participation of local groups in decision making and management of really useful projects, in order to reach concrete goals among which financial independance of the community's activities.
Reciprocity means that people who receive aid engage themselves to help others: if the condition of your neighborhood has improved thanks to the implementation of a project, it's up to you to take action and improve the condition of another community; if you have learnt to read and write, you by turn can teach it to someone else.

All activities are proposed to others by those who have experienced them first. In this way, the action is spread exponentially involving more and more people. Real aid, real solidarity means to help people to retrieve their self-esteem, to stand up, get organised and promote those projects which are really useful for themselves and not for the interest of international capital or some few local individuals. 

How we are organized

You can find UnAltroMondo onlus in Italy at two sites, one in the city of Milan (Baggio), the other one in the province of Milan (Sesto San Giovanni). The volunteers of Baggio take care of the projects in Senegal, on top the important school project "École Unautremonde" in Dakar, while Sesto San Giovanni is responsible for the cooperation with Mali. 

General activities such as training of volunteers, organisation of summer camps, fund-raising, cultural events and awareness raising campaigns are dealth with together.
The Board is composed of 4 members and is elected every two years.


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